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Business Coaching - Agile Team Coaching.

Making small & medium size businesses exceptional

Business Coaching

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Quaity Assurance

Quaity Assurance

Quaity Assurance

Quaity Assurance

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Is your business growing at the rate you'd like or finding your business lacks resilience or confidence?

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— Why SME businesses choose Orchard Coaching

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Charlie was excellent.  His strengths include; attention to detail, proactiveness and a structured way of working. This resulted in significant improvement in the performance of the teams he coached. As a person, Charlie is very friendly, approachable and a real team player. I highly recommend Charlie’s coaching services.

- Mirjana Vemic, Global Project Manager for Agile & Scrum at Worley

Services Summary

Orchard Coaching: Services

Making small &
medium size businesses exceptional


Developing small & medium businesses.
Working with the Executives to identify gaps and where needed coach, train and develop the business creating a resilient, confident business delivering improving performance.

Business Coaching


Business Organisational ReWilding Adviser assessing businesses using the proven ReWild Group methodology

Use coaching, training or consulting to close any identified gaps

OKR (Gtmhub Certified) Consultant

Leadership Development


Group or 1-on-1 Leadership training and/or coaching

Understand your default leadership style

Work towards the style that best suits yourself & your business’ context

Identify leadership skill gaps & design a plan to close

Team Coaching


Team performance coaching

Team Diagnostic Survey for performance benchmarking

Agile team coaching

Team Leader coaching

Executive Coaching


Customised coaching which can focus on closing specific skill gaps

Develop awareness to improve performance, overcoming de-railers and prepare for advancement


Fulfil your business' Vision

Is your business growing at the rate you expected it too?   Or has the business been stuck at the same size for too long?    Are your employees, systems or business model holding you back?   Would you like to understand what is possible, where there may be gaps in how your business works and how to close those gaps?  

Develop your key assets: Your People

Is your Management or Leadership Teams as effective as you need them to be?  Is your team size, skills and dynamic working for your business?  Do you need an "Exceptional Management Program" to be run? The EMP  looks at what exceptional management including leadership and develop the people's skills needed for a business of your size.

Improve your business' Performance and Profitability

Are you aware of what your business, based on its size, should  be doing to improve resilience and confidence?  Are you ready to grow to the next stage knowing that you create additional complexity as you add employees?  If you create confidence, performance and profitability will more often than not come.


Keep Growing: Orchard Coaching Blog

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